Taller preparativo Parcial#1

Buena tarde muchachos,

El día de mañana Sábado a las 10:00am está programado un taller preparativo para el parcial número 1 del curso. Nos encontramos en el DRAI (Tercer piso del 19).
Gabriel Cerón
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Experimenting. The way to solve industry problems.

Industries are always searching the improvement of their processes to make them fasters and more productive without losing quality in their products or services. That’s why it is important to find people with the necessary skills and knowledge to treat different problems that can deserve industry efficiency.

These kinds of issues are generally treated by Industrial Engineers who design experiments to study the problem factors. It is really important to know deeply the causes of the problem to start searching a way to deal with it. If you are able to fully understand the reasons, you surely will find a solution. Once the problem matter is known selecting the experiment is the next step. Go through a brainstorm and think of all possible solutions. Consider the most reliable ideas and discard the least important ones, always bearing in mind the cost and time consumption they may require. We look for good results at low costs. The teamwork is paramount for a good performance. Being actively and thinking positively assure team effectiveness. Run the experiment carefully and see its responses on detail. If the responses aren’t the expected ones go back and identify the problem and try it again. If not successful search another experiment in order to solve the problem.

I think experimenting is the key to access general knowledge. If there is any kind of problem the only way to solve it is thinking of a solution and testing it in an experimental form as many times as necessary. Never give up and always look forward to new ideas. Not only in industrial areas. This can be applied to any kind of issues.

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Asperger’s: The engineer’s disease.

Those with Asperger’s have many common and fascinating traits. Many are logical thinkers, and a significant portion continue their studies into graduate school. I love engineering; it is definitely a passion that I have come to realize. I’ve read that great minds like Bill Gates and Einstein have shown traits of Asperger’s.

Lets see what is asperger syndrome:

Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported.

Asperger syndrome is named after the Austrian pediatrician Hans asperger who, in 1944, studied and described children in his practice who lacked nonverbal communication skills, demonstrated limited empathy with their peers, and were physically clumsy. Fifty years later, it was standardized as a diagnosis, but many questions remain about aspects of the disorder. For example, there is doubt about whether it is distinct from high functioning authism (HFA); partly because of this, its prevalence is not firmly established. It has been proposed that the diagnosis of Asperger’s be eliminated, to be replaced by a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder on a severity scale.

The exact cause is unknown, although research supports the likelihood of a genetic basis; brain imaging techniques have not identified a clear common pathology. There is no single treatment, and the effectiveness of particular interventions is supported by only limited data. Intervention is aimed at improving symptoms and function. The mainstay of management is behavorial therapy, focusing on specific deficits to address poor communication skills, obsessive or repetitive routines, and physical clumsiness. Most children improve as they mature to adulthood, but social and communication difficulties may persist. Some researchers and people with Asperger’s have advocated a shift in attitudes toward the view that it is a difference, rather than a disability that must be treated or cured.

Information and stats from http://www.wikipedia.org

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The wonderful things my engineering field can do to solve people’s everyday’s needs.

Engineering, one of the worthiest tools of humanity, is the way people can use to create and improve items needed to solve daily issues. Due to this fact, control of math, physics and sciences is essential.

Nowadays the lines of this fascinating kind of knowledge is electronic engineering, which bases on solving different problems like the control of industrial processes, electricity transformation for the operation of electronic devices, telecommunications and microcontrollers analysis.  This must not be confused with electrical engineering which is mainly related to high voltages and the distribution of energy over long distances.

Actually the globalization forces people to stay in contact with each other, exchanging ideas, delivering information and staying tuned to news, so the electronic engineering is responsible to develop instruments to make communication easier, such as television, computers, phones, cell phones, satellites.  Those instruments have revolutionized our world and they have really changed our common lives. We are in contact with the electronics every day and we are very acclimated to them, in fact, is difficult  to get away from them.

Another way engineering helps us is in the transportation area. Almost all of the vehicles that humans use to move have microcontrollers which regulate and order their functions, every car you drive, every bus or plane you take are closely related to electronic elements.

So we can see the huge influence electronic engineering has in our world. Is the key to make all our technologic desires come true, it is constantly evolving, getting higher and faster as time goes, and it really excites me to know how far it can go.

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Nuclear Fusion

Another way we can get energy is the nuclear fusion. The nuclear fusion is the artificial recreation of the source power of the sun in earth, but the hard thing is to reach the temperature and pressure that it has. However France has started to experiment with reactors that are able to get crazy amounts of temperature and nake a great step near a new source of energy, the only thing that they must bear in mind is if the electricity used to turn on the reactor is justifiable to get the fusion.

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Solar Energy

One of these problems is the lack of renewable sources of energy. Our main source is oil, but this one is really contaminant  because of the carbon it liberates when it is used. Anyway, it is going to end someday. So the future of our principal source of energy comes from the space, our beautiful star, the sun.

The sun provides much more energy than all the world requires, but unfortunately, we only use 1% of his potential. This is because the materials we use to capture the energy aren’t efficient. Recent experiments with nanotechnology are looking for new materials that exploite all of our sun energy at the same time they are reliable to our economy.

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Great Engineering Challenges

Nowadays scientific problems focus on the population necessities which are rising at an insane rate mainly in health and life quality.To solve all of the problems we are dealing with, many engineers and professionals are starting to act and searching ways to deal with them.

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